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The Podcast For Entrepreneurs, Mom-prenuers and side-hustlers looking to grow their brand and impact.

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What's the Mogul Chat Podcast about?

The show where we hear the stories of incredible entrepreneurs, momprenuers, and hustlers who are crushing their goals, building businesses, creating brands and growing their impact.

Join Brittney Murray as we dive deep into what it takes to become a MOGUL.

Hey Successful People!

Welcome to my little podcast corner. My name is Brittney Murray and I am the founder of the Mogul Chat Podcast.

Inside this show we are diving into the many different aspects of entrepreneurship and branding…to actually grow your impact & freedom.

We’re going to dive deep into what it takes to become a Mogul! And to make it even better it won’t just be me! I am bringing in all of my biz besties, creative entrepreneurs & fellow industry leaders to help you make the most out of our time together. They are all so gifted in their areas of expertise and we will be discussing how you can leverage that into a brand that gives you the freedom to live a life you love.

A bit about me, I’m a mompreneur, wife, dogmom and founder of a full-service digital marketing and branding collective called Mogul Behaviour located in Los Angeles and just newly expanded to Atlanta. I left my corporate television job to spend time with my daughter and pursue my biz passion full-time. For those of you who have a child under 2 years old you know the struggle of the juggle can be a hot-mess level of hard. I took a leap of faith and am leaning into the fear of not having a “safety” net. Join me on my path!

Episodes Coming Soon!

Episode 1//: Leaning into Fear

Interview with Brittany Diego

Episode 2//: Coming Soon

Mogul Chat Episode 2:

Episode 3//:Coming Soon

Episode 4//:Coming Soon

Episode 5//:Coming Soon

Episode 6//: Coming Soon

Episode 7//:Coming Soon

Episode 8//:Coming Soon

Episode 9//: Coming Soon

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